“Adventures in Missing the Point”

SPEAKER: Troy Champ

What happens to your faith when your heart is set on a prayer God hasn’t answered yet? What happens to your faith if God doesn’t give you exactly what you want when and how you’re praying for it? Have you built your life on a faith contingent on answered prayers? If you answer honestly, you may find you’re not praying for a messiah, you are probably just hoping for a
It is one thing to trust God to answer your prayers, it is another thing to trust God to answer your prayers however he thinks best. Don’t stop praying big prayers. But don’t forget to listen when God is nudging you in a different and better direction. Don’t settle for a miracle when what you need is a messiah.


Ask Jesus for your miracle – and keep asking.
Trust Jesus’ character – not a particular outcome.

Primary text: John 4:43-54
Other texts in this message: John 2:23, John 20:29, Psalm 9:10


Rooftops Jonathan Berlin, Lindsey Sweat and Ben Williams

Build My Life Pat Barrett

Oceans/You Make Me Brave Matt Crocker, Joel Houston, Salomon Ligthelm and Amanda Cook


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