“Follow Him and You Will Know Him”

SPEAKER: Troy Champ

Would you consider yourself a Christian? What about a disciple of Christ? At the end of Matthew’s gospel, Jesus gives his followers a mission, saying, “Go into the world and make disciples.”, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that by looking at his churches. We reserve the label “disciple” for the hardcore, the upper tier, the diehards.

What are you seeking in your pursuit of spiritual truth? Followers of Jesus have been promised an abundant life, but many of our lives don’t mirror the way he lived. What would you expect to experience if you were walking in the footsteps of Jesus right now? Maybe you want your problems solved. Maybe you want your body healed. Maybe you want to find love. Most of us just want peace. If you find yourself asking what it would look like to be with Jesus as a disciple today, you’re asking the right question. Because if you follow him, you will know him.


Read the Gospels of Jesus, but more than that, read the Gospels of Jesus with Jesus.

Put his words into practice and watch what happens.

Recommended Books:

“Eternity is Now in Session” by John Ortberg

“The Greatest Words Ever Spoken” by Steven Scott

Primary text: John 1:35-42
Other texts in this message: Matthew 11:28-30


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Troy Champ, The Gospel of John, John 1:35-42, Matthew 11:28-30, Follow Him and You Will Know Him

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