“The Massively Small God”

SPEAKER: Troy Champ

Have you ever faced a problem in your life so big, so unsolvable, it made you question if even God was competent and compassionate enough to lift it from your shoulders? Mankind has always struggled to comprehend our mighty God. When we stumble, when we make mistakes, when we feel buried in the stress and strain of the world even the firmest believer can begin to wonder if God hears his prayers.

Wouldn’t you love to have faith that could bring strength to weakness and joy from sorrow? The prophet Isaiah teaches us the one who is weak but rests in the care of the infinite and empathetic God will find strength. God doesn’t promise to fix every problem in accordance with your will and your timetable, but he will give you the strength to face it. Nothing is too big for God to handle or too small for God to care about.


Memorize and unpack Isaiah 40:31

Recommended Songs:

“His Eye Is on the Sparrow”

“Do it Again” Elevation Worship

Primary text: John 1:19-28
Other texts in this message: Luke 12:6-7, Isaiah 40:1-31


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Troy Champ, The Gospel of John, The Massively Small God, John 1:19-28, Luke 12:6-7, Isaiah 40:1-31, His Eye Is on the Sparrow, Do it Again, Elevation Worship

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