“The Poison and The Antidote”

SPEAKER: Paul Godbout

Have you ever carried the responsibility of looking after the well-being of a child or even a pet? When the creature you’re in charge of doesn’t listen when you say, “Walk next to me,” and instead takes a few steps to the right, off the curb and into the road, what do you do?

First, you snatch them out of danger. Then you discipline them. You show them there are consequences for their actions.

It is heartbreaking when those we care for step outside of the love, safety nets, resources, and guidelines we provide for them. The same is true for how our God feels when we decide to step outside of the love and joy-filled life he has planned for us. The consequence of living outside His love might feel fulfilling in the moment, but will kill our soul. Still, God gives us the freedom to live as we choose, and we make this choice every day. Either I’ll let God have his way, or he’ll let me have mine.


Recommended Books: 
“The Great Divorce” by C.S. Lewis
“Counterfeit God” by Timothy Keller

Recommended Songs: 
“Obedience” – Lindy Conant
“So Will I (100 Billion X)” – Hillsong UNITED
“Snakebite” – Alice Cooper

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Primary text: John 3:14-36
Other texts in this message: Numbers 21:4-9, John 13:3-5, Luke 22:42


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Oh Praise the Name Marty Sampson, Benjamin Hastings and Dean Ussher


Paul Godbout, Numbers 21:4-9, John 13:3-5, Luke 22:42, John 3:14-36, The Poison and The Antidote

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