“You Won’t Trust Him If You Don’t Know Him”

SPEAKER: Paul Godbout

In John chapter 6, we read accounts of some of the most well-known miracles of Jesus, including Jesus walking on water and feeding the 5000. Perhaps we’ve been missing something from these well-known stories… Perhaps even the disciples in Jesus’ time, who experienced his miracles first-hand, missed the deeper message. When Jesus provided the crowd with food to eat, he was not only offering a temporary provision of food; he was revealing himself as the eternal provider. May you trust this identity even when Jesus doesn’t provide the miracle you’ve been asking for or answer the prayer you’re praying. His character and provision is such that we can trust what he’s doing when we see who he is.


Book: John 6
Book: The Bible
Book: John for Everyone by N.T. Wright
Song: Living Hope by Phil Wickham
Song: Breathe by Vineyard Worship
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Primary text: John 6
Other texts in this message: Deuteronomy 18:18


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