more than you know

More Than You Know is based on a single New Testament prayer of Paul, Ephesians 3:14-20. It’s a short passage with a lot to take in! In this 3-part series, we’ll dig deep into three lessons from this potent prayer. 1) You’re stronger than you think. 2) You’re more loved than you realize. 3) Your prayers are probably too small.



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Meant for More
A Legacy of Sacrifice
If our lives are not defined by sacrifice, we’re not living lives that look like and love like Jesus. An angry, broken, and hopeless world is listening and watching—how we react to struggles; how we handle being treated unfairly; how we navigate...
More Than You Know
Praying Bigger Prayers
If you were to make a list of all the things you could ever imagine asking God to do, it wouldn’t come close to challenging the God who’s reading that list. Ephesians 3:20 and Isaiah 40 remind us of this point—God is able to do immeasurably more...
More Than You Know
You're More...
Society is often quick to assign labels to people—you’ve surely acquired some kind of label yourself. No matter what the label is, you’ve probably been limited by that label. Maybe you’re labeled “successful” or “perfectionist”, and now your sleep...
More Than You Know
More Loved Than You Realize
What’s your favorite love song? From power ballads of the 80s to contemporary love songs, the experience of love has resulted in some of the most passionate poetry & literature our world has ever seen. Believe it or not, the bible is a tale of the...
More Than You Know
Stronger Than You Think
In short, strength is the ability to do what needs doing. If life hurls challenges at you, strength is the ability to overcome them. If life pummels you with pain and problems, strength is the capacity to power through. Sometimes, you might not ...
Other Messages
When Jesus Comes to Town
The story of the first Palm Sunday in Matthew 21, when Jesus rode into Jerusalem, teaches us lessons that transcend time and space to be as relevant today as they were then. Now, just as then, is a time to affirm the Lord of history and eternity...
Keep Singing
Thinking & Waiting
Maybe you’re in a season of waiting right now—waiting and striving for a new job with no success, waiting on God to heal your body, but it hasn’t happened; waiting and begging God to restore your marriage, but the arguments keep getting louder…
Keep Singing
Look Up!
God doesn’t promise a life absent of trouble, but he promises that he’ll take us through the trouble. Psalm 121 is meant to be sung as a reminder of God’s character and faithfulness—it delivers confidence that God’s vigilant and caring competence ...


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Capital Kids provides fun discipleship resources for kids ages newborn through 5th grade as well as the whole family.



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While God asks us to love Him first and completely, he also asks us to live out our commitment to Jesus publicly by loving our neighbors and letting our actions demonstrate our faith. Serving sacrificially can come in many forms – investing of our finances in ministryserving on a volunteer team or serving in our local community or across the globe. Use the links below to find out ways you can get involved and serve our church, community, and globe.

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Our weekend services groove and hum thanks to a throng of volunteers who meet, greet, seat, brew, serve, smile, hug, pray, click, teach, set-up, and tear-down! Whatever your strengths, interests, and skill level, we want to help you find the right fit for where to serve within our community.

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We believe everyone deserves to be seen and to see themselves as God sees them, and that God asks us to use our lives to demonstrate compassion. Serving in our local community is a way to transform the world, and to grow in our own discipleship journey with Jesus along the way.

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We believe everyone deserves to be seen and to see themselves as God sees them, and that God asks us to use our lives to demonstrate compassion. Through ministry partners around the globe, we extend our loves to friends to transform lives and grow in our own discipleship journey with Jesus along the way.

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