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Thanks for joining us! We would love to get to know you, and help you connect to the life of our church. Please take a moment to fill out a Connection Card, and we’ll be in touch!


Get A Life

As Dallas Willard has said, Jesus came not just to get people into heaven, but to get heaven into people. As God’s people, we are called to a new life—a life of joy, peace, patience and gentleness. A life free of sin, shame, and selfishness. In this study through Colossians 3:1-17, may your eyes be open to the life you could live, and then may your heart be open to actually living it.


Saturday Park City

Join us at our beautiful Capital Park City campus at 5PM on Saturdays! Capital Kids ministry is available for this service. We look forward to worshiping together with you!


Saturday Salt Lake

Join us in the Café at our Salt Lake campus on Saturday Nights at 6:45pm. For the time being, kids ministry is not available during this service, but we invite families to join us upstairs as we worship together.


Sunday Salt Lake

Join us at our Salt Lake campus on Sunday mornings at 9:15AM and 11:00AM! Capital Kids ministry is available for both services. We look forward to worshiping together with you!


Sunday Live Online

Join us live online every Sunday at 9:15AM! If you’d like, consider inviting friends and family into your home to watch together.


Weekend Messages

Check out the Current Message Series page for the most recent teaching series, or take a look at the Past Messages page for a more extensive library of weekend messages. Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

God And The Movies
What Can You Learn?
Aesop gained insight by meditating on the actions of animals. John Muir believed humanity could better understand itself by reflecting on the nature of trees and mountains. Zoroastrians looked to the stars to find direction in life...
God And The Movies
Impossible People
Fields must be plowed before seeds can be planted. Walls must be primed before they can be painted. And people have to know we care before they care enough to listen to what we have to say. So many things in life require hard work before the real...
God And The Movies
Here's a dumb joke: what has ears but doesn't listen? Corn. Here's a painful reality: what has ears but doesn't listen? Someone who lacks empathy. We've all had the devastating experience of telling someone how a particular incident made us feel...
God And The Movies
Imperfect People
Your career. Your car. Your body. None of them work perfectly, but they're all working together - however imperfectly - to keep us moving forward toward the future. The same goes for the people in our lives. Sure, they will disappoint us, they...
Get A Life
The New Life
Who do you respect and admire the most? What is it about them that you strive to emulate? What are they able to do that makes you think, "I could never do that!" But what if they came to you and said, "Hey - you know that thing I do? I want you...
Get A Life
The Singing Life
Is there a song that when you hear it instantly transports you to another time and place? Maybe it takes you back to your first live concert. Perhaps a song reminds you of the feel of the passenger's seat of your best friend's car on a road trip...
Get A Life
The Listening Life
Be honest: what part of your character needs a little work? Be honest: do you have people in your life that know you will listen when they help point out what you need to work on? Be honest: are you grateful for their feedback or annoyed, even...
Other Messages
Faithful in the Little Things
What do you do when you find a $5 bill on the floor of a restaurant? Do you immediately pocket it or ask those at the surrounding tables if they dropped it? How do you approach the household chores you're responsible for? Do you do the bare...


Get Connected

Discipleship happens every day, and not just at church. In addition to attending our weekend services, connect with others through mid-week Small Groups and ministry events.


Capital Kids

Our Capital Kids team works hard to provide a fun, safe, and discipleship-driven environment each and every weekend in our Capital Kids ministry as well as discipleship tools, resources, and activities for families to use throughout the week.


Capital Students

Capital Students focuses on teens in grades 6 through 12. Students enjoy the service together in our Student Section on the weekends in Salt Lake and students-only gathering during the service in Park City. Students gether on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at Capital Salt Lake for our Capital Students Night.



Our Emerging Adults ministry is targeted toward the next generation of young adults. Forward meets weekly on Wednesdays as well as gathering for events and activities designed to build community and foster spiritual friendships.


Capital Cares

While God asks us to love Him first and completely, he also asks us to live out our commitment to Jesus publicly by loving our neighbors and letting our actions demonstrate our faith. Serving sacrificially can come in many forms – investing of our finances in ministryserving on a volunteer team or serving in our local community or across the globe. Use the links below to find out ways you can get involved and serve our church, community, and globe.


Serve at Capital

Our weekend services groove and hum thanks to a throng of volunteers who meet, greet, seat, brew, serve, smile, hug, pray, click, teach, set-up, and tear-down! Whatever your strengths, interests, and skill level, we want to help you find the right fit for where to serve within our community.


Serve in the Community

We believe everyone deserves to be seen and to see themselves as God sees them, and that God asks us to use our lives to demonstrate compassion. Serving in our local community is a way to transform the world, and to grow in our own discipleship journey with Jesus along the way.


Serve Globally

We believe everyone deserves to be seen and to see themselves as God sees them, and that God asks us to use our lives to demonstrate compassion. Through ministry partners around the globe, we extend our loves to friends to transform lives and grow in our own discipleship journey with Jesus along the way.

Leading people to become Christ-centered disciples.
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