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In 2007, Capital entered into a unique community-to-community partnership and became the sponsor of the Mkhombokati CarePoint in eSwatini (formerly Swaziland), Africa. The focus of this ministry is building relationship and trust through which we have been privileged to watch the children grow and our mutual love grow for God and for each other.

eSwatini has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the world, wiping out an entire generation of adults. In a population of about a million people, there are over 150,000 orphans seeking food, refuge, and love. Our partnership, through Children’s HopeChest and supported on the ground by Adventures in Missions, supports the 200 children at Mkhomobkati every day to ensure that their medical, physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs are met. Generous individuals at Capital finance this through a child sponsorship program. It is our ultimate goal to see Mkhombokati grow to become self-sustaining, enhancing the lives of both the children and the community.
Capital sends Mission Teams to Mkhombokati each year and if you are interested in going you can start by filling out the following application here and returning it to the church office. The teams bring thousands of pounds of supplies, complete projects, teach about God’s word and heart, and spend time simply being the hands and feet of Jesus in any way they can, offering the simple gifts of hope, comfort, and love. 

Through the generosity of the Capital community, Mkhombokati now has a kitchen, classroom, fence, toilet, water well, multipurpose building, soccer field, basketball pad, greenhouse and playground. Our community development focus is now on education, providing opportunity, access and ability to all children of all ages at Mkhombokati. In 2018, we launched an accredited preschool program for our youngest children and a mobile computer training program for the older children to be regularly taught important skills that we hope will position them for future  access to further education or to the job market. After years of hosting medical clinics, we have transitioned to medical education, hosting a two-day medical conference in 2018 for over 80 young adults in leadership, providing important health-care education to address some of the root issues that contribute to the cycle of poverty.

To connect to the eSwatini ministry and learn more about sponsoring, giving or going on a mission trip, email


Consider designating offerings to Eswatini mission projects. All money to benefit Swati people in the communities of Mkhombokati and our A.I.M. partners. (Be sure to select “Eswatini Projects” in the ‘TO:” field).

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