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“Feeling Forgotten“

Speaker: Troy Champ

Series: Keep Singing

Primary text: Psalm 44

Speaker: Troy Champ
Series: Keep Singing
Primary text: Psalm 44

When you feel like God forgot you, tell him how you feel.

Psalm 44 can feel like a pretty grim work of poetry—it describes a raw and real pain, and registers complaint after complaint to God. And it doesn’t even resolve! The writer is left in brokenness and confusion at why they’ve been seemingly forgotten by God. Yet, it’s a helpful Psalm to reference when you might feel this way yourself. The bible never promises the absence of problems—but it tells us how we can thrive in any circumstance. The key is understanding God’s unrelenting love. So if you’ve worn out your voice praying and pleading and begging God to intervene, let Psalm 44 teach you that when you feel like God forgot you, the best thing to do is to tell him how you feel.

Other texts in this message: Psalm 42:9, Romans 8:28-39


Tell God how you feel.
Tell yourself that you are loved.
Song: “Questions” by Tori Kelly
Song: “Never Alone” by Tori Kelly

Worship Night: Sunday, June 13 at 7 pm

Verse for the Week: Romans 8:38-39

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Worship Songs

He Was There
David Crowder

Hymn Of The Ages
Benji Cowart, Julissa Otenbriet, Maryanne J. George, and Stephen Carswell

Another In The Fire
Chris Davenport and Joel Houston

by Tori Kelly

Good and Loved
Travis Greene

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