“Praying Your Anger”


When we are burned (and burned badly), it’s tempting not to cut bait and run, so we can’t get hurt again. The enemy works in ways that are hard to see, inciting us to tear each other apart, even through unintentional, misplaced glances and misunderstood intentions. More often than not there’s enough blame for both parties to share. But it’s not about blame; it’s about the resulting pain. And whether by accident or intent, pain needs healing. Pain doesn’t need the retaliation or retribution that soothes our sense of justice but that just ends up keeping evil in circulation. Two wrongs don’t make a right, it just makes the world a worse place to live. So, together, when we’re hurt by a friend or an enemy … or a frenemy, let’s take that circumstance or that person or that thing that’s got us wrapped up and worked up – and cast that care on God, making room in our hearts for the forgiveness and healing that only His grace provides.


Our homework this week as we navigate the tricky waters of relationship: 1. Cast Your Cares on God – literally and physically. Take whatever has been thrown on you and pray and pace and toss the circumstances (and the individuals) that weigh so heavily on your heart right up and over to God. (He can take it.) 2. Work through Forgiveness. It doesn’t happen in a moment, it’s a process. It takes work to own your pain and ultimately, find freedom. Seek wise support and/or resources like these books: “Forgiving our Fathers & Mothers,” by Leslie Leyland Fields and “The Art of Forgiving,” by Lewis Smedes. Finally, sit down in Psalm 55:2 and let its truth sustain you.

Primary text: Psalm 55
Other texts in this message: Romans 12:17-21, Luke 6:27-28



Romans 12:17-21, Luke 6:27-28, Psalm 55, Troy Champ, God and the Movies, Throw Onto God What People Throw Onto You