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“Psalm 62: Take Two“

Speaker: Tara Ross

Series: Other Messages

Primary text: Psalm 62:1 - 12

Speaker: Tara Ross
Series: Other Messages
Primary text: Psalm 62:1 - 12

Rest your soul, you're not in control.

Rest your soul. You’re not in control. Even for those of us that believe in the sovereignty and goodness of God, this can still be an unsettling idea. For the most part, we know much of life is out of our control. We often even rely on this truth when we don’t want to live up to the responsibility and consequences of our own actions. But, in Psalm 62, David shows us that not being in control doesn’t mean your life and the lives of those around you are out of control. Our lives are in the control of someone bigger, smarter, and far more trustworthy than we are. If we can truly believe this, if we can lean on and trust this truth, maybe we can finally be brave enough to let our souls find some rest.

Other texts in this message: Psalm 62

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Tara Ross, “Psalm 62: Take Two”, Psalm 62:1 – 12, Mother’s Day

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