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“A Virtual Town Hall on Race and Faith“

Moderator: Dr. Rob Harter

Speakers: Dr. Jacqueline Thompson, Emma Houston, Corey Hodges and Tim Drisdom

Moderator: Dr. Rob Harter
Presented by: Utah MLK Jr. Human Right Commission, Christian Center of Park City and Capital Church


The death of George Floyd sparked an unprecedented nationwide uprising to the racial tensions and racial injustice in our country. This has caused all of us to stop and reflect on how racism and injustice has and continues to impact each and every one of us, especially those from the African American community. Additionally, many of the key leaders from the civil rights movement of the 1950’s and 60’s, came from the faith community, most notably MLK Jr. In light of that, we wanted to create a safe space for a respectful dialogue around this issue, specifically as an opportunity to listen and learn from those who are not only leaders in their particular fields but also faith leaders. It is our hope that through this discussion, we can affirm and learn from these leader’s perspectives and experiences around racial injustice, while gaining practical insights and helpful next steps for us all.


For more helpful resources or to find out more about these organizations, use the links below for helpful articles and content. Thanks for listening and journeying with us.

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