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“Taste and See“

Speaker: Maragret Feinberg

Series: Taste and See

Primary text: Exodus 16:14-15

Speaker: Maragret Feinberg
Series: Taste and See
Primary text: Exodus 16:14-15

Your lack is no match for God's love.

Do you believe you have all you need to succeed and thrive in this life?

If your first thought was what you long for in your life and not a resounding yes, you may be one of the many people living in fear of scarcity. Do you worry you’ll never have enough time, talent, resources, or wisdom to accomplish all your dreams and responsibilities?

In the book of Exodus, the Israelites lived with a fear of scarcity as they wandered through Egypt, and even when God blessed them with sweet flakes of grain and a promise of more to come, they clung to the grain, hoarding it in fear instead of trusting His promise. They settled for crumbs when God promised them loaves. If scarcity thinking is getting between you and trusting God’s provision, maybe it’s time to invite Him in to show up and show off in the way only He can. Because your lack is no match for God’s love.

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Worship Songs

The Way (New Horizon)
Pat Barrett

Jesus Paid It All
Elvina Hall and John T. Grape, arranged by Chris Tomlin

What a Beautiful Name/Agnus Dei Medley
Ben Fielding, Brooke Ligertwood, and Michael W. Smith


Exodus 16:14-15, Your lack is no match for God’s love. Maragret Feinberg, Taste and See

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