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“The Cycle of Grace”

“The Cycle of Grace“

Speaker: Troy Champ

Series: The Cycle of Grace

Primary text: Matthew 11:28-30

Speaker: Troy Champ
Series: The Cycle of Grace
Primary text: Matthew 11:28-30

If you want to live like he lived, you have to do what he did.

Most of us learned to write the alphabet by tracing letters over and over. There would come a point where we’d trace a letter, then there’d be a blank space for us to write the letter all on our own, followed by another letter for us to trace, and on and on the pattern would continue. The moment of truth came when there were no more letters to trace and we had to write on our own. By that point we had developed the muscle memory to be able to write our letters whenever we need them. Discipleship to Jesus works in a similar way. Jesus is our example, and he calls us to pattern our lives after his. We do this by reading the stories of how he lived and making it our goal, by the power of the Spirit, to make our lives look like his. There’s only one thing that will make our attempts successful and give us the strength to try again when we fail: grace. This week, we begin a 5-part series called The Cycle of Grace. Each week, we’ll dive into the mindsets and practices of Jesus that enabled him to live by the grace of God and communicate the grace of God in a sustainable way that we can follow today.

Other texts in this message: Mark 1:11, 9:7


Read Mark 1 and look for the cycles of input and output in the life of Jesus.

 Song Recommendation:
“Breathe” by Maverick City

Book Recommendation:
Experiencing God: Knowing & Doing God’s Will

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