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“The God of Hope“

Speaker: Troy Champ

Series: Indescribable

Primary text: Psalm 42

Speaker: Troy Champ
Series: Indescribable
Primary text: Psalm 42

Put your trust in Someone, not something.

We need hope like we need food or water—hope empowers us to keep trying, keep loving, keep smiling, and keep getting out of bed in the morning. And while it’s a good thing to hope for good things, you desperately need a greater hope to fall back on if life hands you disappointment. A hope that’s bigger than health or wealth; a hope that’s bigger than success, affirmation, or admiration; hope that’s bigger than the hope you have in your spouse, children, or mentor. You need to put your hope in someone, not something—put your hope in God.

Other texts in this message: Proverbs 13:12, 17:22, 18:14; Psalm 62:5


Talk to yourself more than you listen to yourself.

Verse for the Week: Psalm 42:11

Song Recommendations:
“All I Can Say” by David Crowder Band

“Worthy of My Song” by Phil Wickham, Chandler Moore, & the Maverick City Gospel Choir

Book Recommendation:
Keeping hope Alive by Lewis Smedes

Verse for the Week: Romans 15:13

Prayer Requests:

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Worship Songs

Glorious Day
Jason Ingram / Jonathan Smith / Kristian Stanfill / Sean Curran

As The Deer
Martin J. Nystrom

I Need Thee
Annie S. Hawks

Firm Foundation (He Won’t)
Austin Davis / Chandler Moore / Cody Carnes

Praise the Name of Jesus
Roy Hicks

Wait On You
Brandon Lake / Chandler Moore / Chris Brown / Dante Bowe / Steven Furtick / Tiffany Hudson

All I Can Say
David Crowder

Worthy of My Song (Worthy of it All)
Steven Furtick / Phil Wickham / David Brymer / Ryan Scott Hall

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Proverbs 13:12, 17:22, 18:14; Psalm 62:5, Psalm 42, Put your trust in Someone, not something., Troy Champ, The God of Hope, Indescribable

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