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“The Man in the Mirror“

Speaker: Troy Champ

Series: James: The Way of Wisdom

Primary text: James 1:22-27

Speaker: Troy Champ
Series: James: The Way of Wisdom
Primary text: James 1:22-27

Obedience is abundance.

This week, James challenges us to take a good look at ourselves as believers and ensure we are walking the walk, not just talking the talk. We must practice what the Word of God says. James says do not forget, meaning do not overlook what God says, but intently inspect it and apply it to your life. Obey what it says and find a life of abundance.

N.T. Wright summed up the challenge of James well, “God’s law restricts your ‘freedom’ in some ways, but opens up far greater, genuine freedoms in all other ways. The word must go to work. When that happens, God’s blessing – that is, God’s enrichment of your life in all kinds of new ways – will surely follow.” The word must go to work.  Obedience is abundance.

Other texts in this message: Hebrews 4:12-13, Jeremiah 31:33, Psalm 119:45


Read. The. Bible.

Grab one for free in the Capital bookstore, or download the Bible app for free on your phone. Inspect the Word, apply it to your life, let your behavior, relationships, and blessings be transformed.

Verse for the Week:
Psalm 119:45 – “I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts.”

Worship Songs

written by Jesse Reeves and Laura Story

God You Reign
written by Lincoln Brewster

Before the Throne of God Above
written by Charitie Lee and Vikki Cook

Jesus at the Center
written by Israel Houghton, Micah Massey, and Adam Ranney


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Wisdom is the ability to navigate life well. We long to find the right response, the right words, the right approach as we face suffering or success, and as we manage relationships. The New Testament Epistle of James offers us the opportunity to pluck the practical wisdom of a disciple of Jesus and challenges us to make the choice to apply it to our lives every day. Join us as we examine the tried-and-true wisdom of James—and discover how living out a wise faith can impact all aspects of our lives.
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