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“The Prerequisite to Wisdom“

Speaker: Troy Champ

Series: Chasing Wisdom

Primary text: Proverbs 9:10

Speaker: Troy Champ
Series: Chasing Wisdom
Primary text: Proverbs 9:10

Fear God and you'll have nothing else to fear.

Fear of the Lord is absolutely central to understanding the book of Proverbs—it is the source of all wisdom, impacts how we respond to God’s teaching, and helps us process suffering. It brings us comfort in the face of grief or anguish we can’t comprehend and reminds us that God is bigger than we think he is. And there’s a sense in which the fear of the Lord is putting Jesus at the center of every aspect of your life. Fear of the Lord is taking God so seriously that you don’t make any decision without considering its impact on what Jesus is doing in and around you. Fear God, and you’ll have nothing else to fear.

Other texts in this message: Deuteronomy 10:12, Psalm 130; 103:11; 25:14; 31:19, Proverbs 14:26; 10:27; 22:4; 19:23; 14:2; 8:13; 23:17; 29:25; 9:10, Jeremiah 19:13


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What’s your greatest fear?
Make a deliberate decision to seek God in this season.
The Proverbs Challenge

Book Recommendation:
God’s Wisdom for Navigating Life by Timothy Keller

Song Recommendation:
Nothing Else Matters by Israel Houghton

Verse for the Week:  Proverbs 9:10

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Worship Songs

Who You Say I Am
Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan

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Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, and Wayne Jolley

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Daniel Carson, Matt Maher, Christy Nockels, and Jesse Reeves

Jesus At The Center
Israel Houghton, Micah Massey and Adam Ranney

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