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“When Jesus Comes to Town“

Speaker: Jeff Lucas

Series: Other Messages

Primary text: Matthew 21:1-11

Speaker: Jeff Lucas
Series: Other Messages
Primary text: Matthew 21:1-11

Now is the time...

The story of the first Palm Sunday in Matthew 21, when Jesus rode into Jerusalem, teaches us lessons that transcend time and space to be as relevant today as they were then. Now, just as then, is a time to affirm the Lord of history and eternity. Now is a time to ask ourselves if we know the real Jesus—not an idea of Jesus that’s conveniently aligned with our desires or expectations. The story shows us that now is a time to realize that Jesus came to stir us, not just to comfort us. And it is because of that stirring that now is the time to share the news about what it means to follow Christ.

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Jeff is an author and pastor. Check out one of Jeff’s great books:
Singing in Babylon
Specks and Planks
Faith in the Fog

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Worship Songs

I Thank God
Maverick City Music

Blessed Be The Name
Beth Redman and Matt Redman

10,000 Reasons/Bless the Lord
Jonas Myrin and Matt Redman/Andrae Crouch

Elevation Worship

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Now is the time…, Capital Church, When Jesus Comes to Town, Matthew 21:1-11, I Thank God, Blessed Be The Name, 10,000 Reasons/Bless the Lord, Jireh

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