“Blessed Are The Truth Tellers”

This weekend, in our study of the 7 churches of Revelation, we looked at a church from 2000 years ago in a city called Pergamum. In our 1st week of our study, we saw the church at Ephesus is confronted for their lack of love. Here in this letter, the church at Pergamum is confronted for their lack of truth. This church learned the importance of truth-tellers; People who candidly speak truth into our lives. We’ll do well as a church today to learn alongside them both that there is a balance. Grace without truth isn’t love.


You may need to become a gracious truth teller. Prayerfully consider how you might inspire someone toward love and good deeds. OR, find a gracious truth teller. Prayerfully consider who might spur you towards love and good deeds.

Remember the wisdom of Dr. Cloud, “the amount of truth a relationship can handle is proportional to the amount of perceived love that’s present.”

Do you have people who can regularly speak truth into your life?

Primary text: Revelation 2:12-17
Other texts in this message:


Your Grace Is Enough written by Matt Maher and Chris Tomlin

Lead Me to the Cross written by Brooke Fraser

The Old Rugged Cross written by George Bennard

Because He lives written by Gloria and William Gaither



Revelation 2:12-17, Troy Champ