“The Power of Sex”

In case you missed it, we talked about sex in church today. (Gasp!) Did you know, according to the Bible, your body and the way you treat your body is intrinsically connected to your spirituality? Sex is powerful. Sacred. God designed sex for both procreation and pleasure, but could a blessing become a curse when used inappropriately? Good used wrong goes bad. Honor God with your body. And if you hear this and feel like you’ve already blown it, like you’re “damaged goods”, don’t forget that the God who created sex is the same God who offers unconditional forgiveness and is the God who can put the pieces back together to heal and restore. Will you trust Him for His way of living?


May you grasp the power of sex. May you embrace God’s unconditional forgiveness. And may you trust Him enough to honor him with your body.

Book Recommendation: “Designer Sex” by Philip Yancey

Primary text: Revelation 2:18-29
Other texts in this message:


Your Love Awakens Me written by Phil Wickham

One Thing Remains written by Christa Black, Jeremy Riddle, and Brian Johnson

Wonderful Merciful Savior written by Dawn Rodgers and Eric Wyse

Jesus Loves Me written by Chris Tomlin, Ben Glover, and Reuben Morgan



Revelation 2:18-29, Troy Champ