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“Ever Present Help”

SPEAKER: Tara Ross

In the midst of what feels like drowning in the chaos or drama or crazy in your life, would you describe your faith as a faith smiling serenely? If you’re overwhelmed, and barely treading water, may you find the confidence to open your hands and rely on your Refuge. Find shelter in Him. Find confidence in the Lord, not confidence that we can prop ourselves up enough up to get through something or be tougher, but find confidence in God. The God who created all things, and in Jesus, who taught us how to live and gave us life everlasting.


Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God”

Remember, when you can’t touch bottom, you touch the depths of God.

And, why not? Make a Bitmoji!!

Primary text: Psalm 46
Other texts in this message:


Christ is Enough written by Reuben Morgan and Jonas Myrin

God You Reign written by Lincoln Brewster

Revelation Song written by Jennie Riddle

When We All Get to Heaven written by Elizabeth Hewitt and Emily Wilson



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