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“Get Right with God”

SPEAKER: Troy Champ

Repentance is a change of thinking and feeling. It’s about reorientation – literally to turn. Turn away from something and toward something else. Do you trust Him enough to turn toward Him? Your decisions determine your direction. Take some time to get right with God and start living in the Kingdom of Heaven now.


Write a letter to God. Put pen to paper. What is it exactly you are repenting of? What are you turning from and what are you turning to?

Spend some time in Psalm 32 – a powerful Psalm of King David after he blew it big time.

Acts 3:19. The call to repentance is for you. Can you see it? Will you trust him with it?

Primary text: James 4:4-10
Other texts in this message: Acts 34:19, Psalm 32


Your Love Never Fails written by Anthony Skinner and Chris McClarney

Fierce written by Mia Fields, Josh Silverberg, and Chris Quilala

How Deep the Father's Love for Us written by Stuart Townend

Good Good Father written by Pat Barrett and Anthony Brown



troy champ, acts 3:19, Psalm 32, repentance, turn, get right with god, forgiveness, your decisions determine your direction

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