“Good Grief”

SPEAKER: Troy Champ

God wants to be close in crisis. God longs to be near in drama. But you have a choice to make. You don’t have to seek his comfort and a lot of us don’t. It might sound callous or crazy, but let your drama drive you to God. We steel our hearts against him, but we don’t have to. Even when you can’t see him, always seek him. As Charles Spurgeon explained it “we do not show our trouble before the Lord that he might see it, but that we may see him”.


Pray the psalms of lament

Pray Psalm 142

Book recommendation: “Walking with God Through Pain & Suffering”

Verse recommendation: Psalm 142:3
When my spirit grows faint within me,
it is you who know my way.

Primary text: Matthew 5:3-10 & Psalm 142:1-81
Other texts in this message: Romans 12:15


Indescribable Jesse Reeves and Laura Story

Great Are You Lord Jason Ingram, Leslie Jordan, and David Leonard

How Great Is Our God Chris Tomlin

How Great Thou Art Carl Boberg



Troy Champ, The Good Life, Romans 12:15, Matthew 5:3-10 & Psalm 142:1-81, Let your drama drive you to God, Good Greif