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“Salt Talk“

Speaker: Margaret Feinberg

Series: Inside Out

Primary text: Matthew 5:13

Speaker: Margaret Feinberg
Series: Inside Out
Primary text: Matthew 5:13

As the salt of the earth you are an agent of preserving, flavoring, and human flourishing.

In Matthew 5:13, Jesus says, “You are the salt of the earth.” As the salt of the earth, everywhere you go, you’re going to bring the taste of heaven down to earth. Where people taste bitterness, we bring forgiveness. Where people taste sourness, we bring kindness. So, in a world filled with messiness, suffering, and pain, where do we start? We can start by looking right in our community, our neighborhood, and our workplace. As the salt of the earth, we are not just a preserving agent or a flavoring agent, we are also an agent for human flourishing.

Other texts in this message: Matthew 5:3-13


Ask God for someone whom you can ease 1/60th of their pain. Come up with one person you can help today. Imagine the impact we could have if everyone helped one person per day for the next sixty days.

Book Recommendation:
Scouting the Divine
by Margaret Feinberg

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Margaret Feinberg, Inside Out, Matthew 5:13, Matthew 5:3-13,  As the salt of the Earth you are an agent of preserving flowing and human flourishing

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