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“Who Are You Listening To?“

Speaker: Paul Godbout

Series: The Gospel of John

Primary text: John 8:21-47

Speaker: Paul Godbout
Series: The Gospel of John
Primary text: John 8:21-47

Who are you listening to?

Ever since the devil lied to Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden, humanity – you and I – have been listening to voices from so many places that are not Jesus. We believe the lie that more power or more wealth will fulfill us. We believe that sex or booze will heal us from our pain and depression. We think that we’ll be made complete when we get a better job, or when we take time off work. In reality, we have been made slaves to the things we build our lives upon as we look for salvation, security, and satisfaction. There is freedom in the teachings we receive from Jesus. His words are not a list of rules and regulations preached to oppress you; they are guidelines that will liberate you. As you take stock on your own life, ask yourself, “What are you listening to?”

Other texts in this message: Hebrews 12:2, James 2:10, Genesis 3:9-11


Listen to the Bible – the Word of God
Listen to the right music
Listen to the right people
Silence some voices
Reexamine your ‘presets’

Start your prayer time this week with this verse: 1 Samuel 3:9

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Worship Songs

Israel Houghton, Matthew Ntlele, Chris Brown, Steven Furtick, and Alexander Pappas

Holy Spirit
Bryan Torwalt and Katie Torwalt

Way Maker
Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu



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