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The Cycle of Grace


Cycle of Grace

Do you feel tired and overwhelmed? Do you live in a perpetual state of anxiety, fearing you’ll never get caught up, let alone get ahead? Is burnout on the horizon – or are you already there? What if the rhythm of Jesus’ life gave us a pattern we could follow to safeguard ourselves from feeling overwhelmed and anxious, as well as prevent us from ever experiencing burnout? In this series, we expose the cycle our culture traps us in that produces death, and examine the cycle Jesus abided in that produces a sustainable and satisfying life in God.

The Cycle of Grace

“The Cycle of Grace”

Most of us learned to write the alphabet by tracing letters over and over. There would come a point where we'd trace a letter, then there'd be a blank space for us to write the letter all on our own, followed by another letter for us to trace, and...
The Cycle Of Grace


There are few things in our world as iconic as the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo statue, and the Taj Mahal. If a fire, earthquake, or war were to destroy these historical treasures, the world would lose more than works of art; we would lose part of...
The Cycle Of Grace


You won't become fluent in a language in one day. You don't lose weight or gain noticeable muscle from one trip to the gym. You can't expect life-long trust to be built over just one cup of coffee. You have to study the language every day...
The Cycle Of Grace


Mechanics have the gift of being able to repair broken systems and restore the ability of beautiful machines to do what they were designed to do. Musicians have the gift of fusing lyrics and melodies in such a way that their songs bring people...
The Cycle Of Grace


Some of us let fear cripple and sabotage our success before we even start. Some are blessed in ways that have enabled them to never let fear stand in the way of chasing something significant. But what if what we're chasing will only be...

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